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Theragun Prime Quiet Percussion Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Muscle Pain Relief, 5th Generation

Theragun Prime Quiet Percussion Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Muscle Pain Relief, 5th Generation

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  • Simplified, Quiet Massage: Theragun Prime 5th Generation massage gun is the perfect everyday therapy tool for all types of common pain and tension. Utilize on your neck, back, hands, feet or hip for full body percussive deep tissue treament all in the quiet setting of your home.
  • Back and Neck Muscle Tension: Whether you are experiencing pain and muscle tension from a long days work, intense workout, or tightness from sitting while working from home, Theragun Prime deep tissue massage is guaranteed to relieve your pain and soreness for improved recovery and sleep. Theragun Prime's power reaches 60% deeper than the average handheld massage gun.
  • Portable and Convenient: Connect to our Therabody Smart App remotely with Bluetooth Connectivity, or utilize the addition of our USB-C charger for convenience while finding relief with Theragun Prime 5th Generation. Perfect gift for all ocassions, give the gift of recovery this year for Father's Day.
  • Personalized Wellness: Utilize our customizable speed settings and four attachments for tailored pain and tension relief, with Theragun Prime coming equipped with our small ball, dampener, thumb, and micropoint attachments. The patented Theragun Triangle ergonomic handle offers several grips, allowing you to comfortably treat even hard-to-reach places over 80% of your body without strain on the wrist, hands, and arms.
  • More Than a Device: Connect to the Therabody Smart App for exlcusive content, force meter, and preset routines. Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit to recommend guided, personalized wellness routines on compatible devices. Theragun is the only massage device to connect mind and body. TheraMind, multi-sensory sound therapy tracks in the Therabody App integrate with Theragun routines to help reduce stress, improve sleep and even inspire pre-workout.
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